We shamelessly lust after Pamela Love’s jewelry. So with Valentine’s Day being tomorrow (try to contain your excitement folks), we asked Ms. Love herself to pick her favorite pieces for Valentine’s gifting.

We hope the men of the world are reading this!

Pamela Love’s Recommendations:

The Obvious Vday Pick for the Scientist/Romantic
We brought back this copper anatomical heart ring and discounted the regular price through Valentine’s Day since it’s such an appropriate gift. Everyone loves hearts, but this one stands out because it’s modeled after a real medical heart diagram. Think lab partner romance meets modern New York love affair.

For the Carefree Summer Girl Who Knows How to Get Down
This is the same silhouette as our classic tribal spike bracelet but made with crushed shell resin. It gives a breezy, beachy vibe to the definitive tough-girl cuff.

For the Goth Grinch Babe Who Needs an Alternative to Hearts and Candy
Forget hearts and go for skulls on Vday. We make this necklace in several color variations, and it’s a nice way to say, “hey I really like you but I get that you need something a little different.” Plus this necklace goes with everything.

For the Animal Lover/Fashionista
Our signature talon cuff has been a staple on the wrists of celebrities, staff, and both male and female trendsetters since we first started making them. This vday gift shows that you’re up with the trends but know how to pick out the classic, edgy statement pieces.

For the Classy Lady with a Taste for Tribal/History
These are one-of-a-kind pieces made with stone arrowheads in different shapes and colors. You can wear this ring day and night with anything. I rarely take mine off, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever owned.

For all of Pamela Love’s collection.

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